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Westfield High School

Westfield High School
16713 Ella Blvd.
Houston, TX 77090-4298

Phone:(281) 891-7130
Fax: (281) 891-7131
Website: http://schools.springisd.org/default.aspx?name=29.home

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This is a private website intended only for students that attended Westfield High School in Houston, TX. Former and current staff members are also permitted to register. All new registrations will have to be verified by either the site administrator or their class administrator.

Newest Members

Matt Ryan

Class of 99'
Samuel Deakins

Class of 99'
Tina Nguyen

Class of 07'
Denise Hail (Watson)

Class of 83'
Courtney Burton (David)

Class of 99'
Tierrance Charles

Class of 00'
Darrell Horton

Class of 91'
Jason Mathew

Class of 95'
Sandra Comer (Cox)

Class of 86'
Staci Lenton

Class of 04'
Oscar Cross

Class of 87'
Dante Rose

Class of 06'
Jamie Johnson

Class of 96'
Mike Dulaney

Class of 06'
Rianna Beasley

Class of 02'
Daniel Block

Class of 84'
Gladys Martinez

Class of 08'
Derek Whitman

Class of 88'
Damion Smith

Class of 96'
Juanita Bartley

Class of 08'
Phillip Wright

Class of 01'
Anessa Coleman (Thaemar)

Class of 90'
Octavious Bishop

Class of 94'
Doneshia Blount

Class of 04'
Lisa Hanel (Guettermann)

Class of 96'
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